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From the desk of Sheila Granger, Beverley, UK

28th January 2020

Dear Fellow Therapy Professional,

Are you making the full impact and difference in your community that you could? If not, I’m really excited to share with you what I believe is one of the biggest growing opportunities for therapists... that can potentially transform literally millions of lives and a whole generation...

Read on if any of the following apply to you...

.... You want to work with groups

.... You want regular steady work, and to be paid a nice day rate

.... You want more clients inyour regular 1-1 practice

.... You are already a very successful, busy practitioner, but want to grow your business, without burning out

.... You want to make a real difference in your community.

Many hypnotherapists associate me with the Virtual Gastric Band I developed over 5 years ago, however few know that I’m very active in other areas too. Over the last few years, I’ve developed other areas of my business steadily in organisations, and I’ve found that one of the most enjoyable types of organisations to work with has been schools.

For the last 4 years I’ve been working in schools and have developed a therapy and marketing programme for getting into Education. Last Summer I taught over 50 fellow therapists everything I know about working with schools, plus the all-important marketing to Educational Organisations... and I’m delighted to let you know my action-taking students are now securing contracts in schools and helping young people in their communities too.

I’d love you to do the same, which is why I’m opening up the programme for Home Study now....

Why is Education probably the Biggest & Most Exciting Opportunity for Hypnotherapists Right Now?

(Schools / Colleges / Universities)

Why I Love Working with Schools and Educational Organisations... and Why You Should Too!

The opportunity to work in educational establishments such as schools, colleges and universities is HUGE. In the UK alone, where I’m based, there are 8.2 million pupils attending 24,372 schools in England (, 2012.)...

In the USA, there’s 81.5 million students in 98,817 state and 33,366 private schools (2010-11, National Centre for Education Statistics)

In Australia 3,645,519 students are attending 9,393 schools and 762,683 students in 2,539 schools in New Zealand.

That is A LOT OF CLIENTS..... and a BIG DIFFERENCE you can make

Plus as a therapist, schools are great work. You get to....

Okay, So First Things First....

Why do Schools want Hypnotherapists like You?

I’ll be completely upfront with you, they don’t.  Schools don’t buy “hypnotherapy”, they buy solutions to a problem.

And if you can offer them tried, tested and proven programmes that deliver the improvements their school is looking for, they’ll be excited because....

  • Exam league tables matter... and educational institutions will do what they can to improve their results
  • Schools and colleges have legal care of duty to their pupils
  • Pupil behaviour, particularly in secondary schools, can be “challenging”... you can help
  • Schools are already spending on meditation and mindfulness training.... the budgets are there!

As I mentioned above, I’ve worked with schools and other educational organisations for a number of years now, and during that time I’ve developed a very tight programme to help pupils in the 3 biggest areas schools are looking for outside coaching & therapy support with.

It’s real ‘feel-good’, great, steady and profitable work that makes a real difference, and has the added bonus of bringing in parents into my main practice too.  And if you’re interested in working with educational organisations and building your practice too, I’d be delighted to show you exactly how you can get involved.... 

But before I share the “how”, just take a look at how this very worthwhile work impacts your clients and your community

What’s the Catch Then?

Sounds great.... and I’m sure you must be thinking “what’s the catch?”, “it can’t be easy to get into big organisations like schools”....

And yes, you’d right to assume there are some potential barriers... but with the right help, they can easily be overcome...

  • 1

    Working in schools is not for everyone... Ethics and morals are paramount (schools obviously need to be careful who they invite into their organisation, and you’ll need be CRB checked, or your local equivalent)

  • 2

    Secondly, how do you find the right contact within the school who’ll be able to look and approve your proposed programme?

  • 3

    Do you have a thorough understand of which problems schools are looking for solutions too? And do you know the politics of getting proposals through?

  • 4

    Have you already developed your super-effective coaching, training and therapy programmes that you feel 100% confident in presenting to a school board, and delivering to pupils? Are your schools programme protocols reliable, tight, documented and ready to roll out?

  • 5

    Finally, do you have concrete evidence and proof that your programme(s) work and deliver results? Are you 100% confident about delivering results once you've secured your first educational contract?

If you have any knowledge gaps on the above, and you’d like to get involved with this great opportunity, I’d love to help you.... which is why I’m delighted to be inviting you to my very first Certified “Educational Performance Practitioner” Home Study training course.

I’m so excited about my latest flagship specialist practitioner training programmes... as I believe the work we can do with our younger generation is so important... so so please allow me to share what this comprehensive and intensive cover offers you....

NEW Specialist Practitioner Home Study Training

Certified Educational Performance Practitioner

Badge-orangeThis very practical INTENSE training covers EXACTLY what you need to secure and deliver coaching, training & therapy contracts in schools, universities in colleges.

Over the course of just 4 weeks, your can complete my NEW Home Study Certified ‘Educational Performance Programme’ Practitioner training online.... so wherever you are in the world, you can join us.

.... I will be sharing the precise structure, protocols and scripts that I’ve used to great success.

.... I’ll also be teaching you the strategies I’ve used to secure my educational contracts and giving you the marketing materials and sales strategies I used to do it.  (These are the exact same marketing strategies & tools that's been helping this my previous EPP students get contracts in schools too!!)

.... Plus because decision-makers are looking for proof before investing in training programmes like this, you can use my testimonials in your own marketing materials as you’ll be using the exact same system.

Similar to my Virtual Gastric Band practitioner programme, there’ll be a ‘Practitioner Listing’ available, so that your local schools, colleges and universities can find and verify your training.

Plus you’ll have the right to use my ‘Educational Performance Practitioner’ logo on your own website too.

Here’s How the Training is Going to Work...

I’ll be sending you 4 x online intense video training sessions (at least 1.5 hrs per session), where I’ll be teaching each element of my PROVEN Educational Performance programme and marketing systems.

Each session will be accompanied by digital downloads of supporting materials, including scripts, protocols and DONE-FOR-YOU marketing materials.

Sessions are 1 week apart to give you enough time to allow your knowledge to bed down and complete actions before the next session.

I’ve setting up a special Secret ‘EPP’ FACEBOOK group for extra support, where you can ask questions during the course, make new connections and share successes, questions and tips throughout the entire course.

This is FULL CERTIFIED PRACTITIONER TRAINING, supporting with the MARKETING KNOW-HOW to get you clients....

EVERYTHING is there for you to create an exciting business working with schools, colleges and universities (a full detailed programme + marketing).... all you need to do is join the training and take ACTION on your learnings.

I do hope you’ll be joining me on this one!

Okay, so here’s what I’ll be sharing with you, week-by-week....

  • 1

    The Educational Performance Programme

    Sessions 1-2 framework, protocols and scripts.

One of the key areas schools are looking for help with is exam performance. They want better results to attract funding and the best pupils.

Over the last 3-4 years, I’ve developed, tested and achieved great results with my very tight and precise 3 part ‘Exam Performance’ programme, which focuses on stress management for students and achieving their best when it matters most in exam situations.

  • Tools and techniques for your toolbox
  • Scripts, protocols and framework to follow for the first two sessions
  • Pre-talk to teenagers
  • Effectively working in groups – the difference between success and sabotage
  • Pitfalls, precautions and managing pupil expectations
  • Done-for-you support CD (and script for you to record your own)
  • 2

    The Educational Performance Programme

    Sessions 3 framework, protocols and scripts.

Finalising the core 'Educational Performance' programme content with session 3 and how all the sessions work together so that you're fully confident and ready to start working with students with your credible, proven programme.

  • Q&A from session 1 & 2
  • Exact protocols, scripts and framework for the 3rd session
  • The elegant way to offer follow up sessions
  • How to effectively market your next group session, without being pushy
  • 3

    Selling & Marketing Your Educational Programmes

    How to approach Schools, Colleges and Universities with your new Educational Peformance Programmes

Get ready to hit the ground running with marketing your programmes now

This training programme is available for you to access immediately break so that you can get your Educational Performance programme marketing and content ready in good time for the all important Summer Exam market.

  • Getting clear on your marketing message
  • How to selling the benefits of your programmes to schools and headteachers
  • How and where to find your key decision makers....
  • And more importantly how to actually get through to them
  • Overcoming barriers and misconceptions around hypnosis (let me be clear, no school is going to let you “hypnotise” children... but there are
  • Getting Paid & Pricing... How much to charge and on what terms?
  • Environmental considerations and cautions when working with young people
  • Done-for-you marketing introduction letter template, which I’ve used to successful get meetings with all my school clients
  • Done-for-you professional Press Release to share your work in your local community
  • 4

    Becoming the preferred therapist of choice

    How to expand your services to 1-1 student support

Provide your new clients with additional specialist individual student support.

Discover where the opportunities for 1-1 work with students lie, and how and why these opportunities arise.

  • How to encourage schools to identify pupils that would benefit from your 1-1 service
  • The tell-tale signs of which schools have budget and a need for additional 1-1 pupil support
  • The most common issues 1-1 students are struggling with
  • Which therapeutic approaches you must take to get the best results for your 1-1 student clients, and keep within moral and legal boundaries
  • Positioning yourself as the preferred therapist of choice by a school

All sessions will be available 24-7 so that you can review the materials at your leisure and re-cap on content at any time.

Plus all scripts, protocols and done-for-you marketing materials will be made available in digital format, so that you can download and use for your own practice.

To re-cap, my New Certified 4 module online intensive ‘Educational Performance Practitioner’ Home Study training includes….

  • Written framework and Protocols for my 3-Step, PROVEN ‘Education Performance Programme’

  • Tools, techniques and scripts for all ‘Education Performance Programme’ sessions

  • Live demo conducted on a client

  • Unlimited access to course videos and support materials

  • Done-for-You marketing materials, incl. Introduction Letter and Press Release

  • Testimonials from very satisfied school clients, for you to use in your OWN marketing promotions

  • Course certification

  • Full Practitioner status logo for use on your website and other marketing materials

Educational institutions have budgets to spend on the type of programme I’ve developed... it’s time for you to have your share of this very worthwhile and profitable market.   Educational specialists are very much in demand, and to help you, I will share all of my knowledge with you, so that you can achieve success with helping more people in your local community and making a good living.

Extra Bonuses

  • Extra EPP BONUS 1#

    Free Annual listing on my ‘Educational Performance Practitioner Listing’

    Stand out from the crowd, and be the first to join my ‘Certified Educational Performance Practitioner’ listing on my high traffic website What are the benefits of a listing from my website?

    •  Instant credibility for your own Educational Performance Practice,

    •  Benefit from my media activity

    •  Be sure clients can find YOU and be confident with your Educational Programme                                (we have had over 26,000 visitors to the site over recent months!)

    Worth £60 per annum.  You get it for free for an entire 12 months.

  • Extra EPP BONUS 2#

    Rights to use the ‘Educational Performance Practitioner Listing’ logo & Testimonials

    Badge-orange•  My personal endorsement to use my ‘Educational Performance Programme’ in schools •  Gives you instant credibility that your programme has a PROVEN TRACK RECORD •  Show prospective educational institution clients that your Programmes deliver measureable results •  Use my testimonials to give you and your potential clients the 100% full confidence your  education programmes deliver. Priceless in helping you secure your first contracts.

  • Extra EPP BONUS 3#

    SECRET ‘EPP’ Facebook Support Group

    facebookI’ll also be setting up a special Secret ‘EPP’ FACEBOOK group for extra support, where you can ask questions during the course, making new connections and sharing successes, questions and tips throughout the entire course.  I look forward to seeing you in there 🙂

  • Extra EPP BONUS 4#

    q&aTo answer any specific questions you may have and help cement your learnings further, Katie Glen and I (Sheila Granger) will be running a 60 min Q&A training call*…

    »  Live laser coaching

    »  This is your chance to get specific help on implementing EPP in your business

    »  Answer questions you may have on the course materials

    »  The sessions will be recorded in case you miss the session or want to listen again.

    »  Can’t make the call, but have a question?  No problem, email us 24 hrs beforehand, we’ll answer it during the session and you can listen to the replay.

    »  *If there are lots of questions, we’ll extend the session by up to another 60 mins to get as many answered as possible.

Your Training Starts NOW


Not sure you can do it?  Just take a quick look at how my training has created success in other therapists businesses...

YES! You Can Do It Too!

What a great training program..... Fantastic!

Trevor Heale
Trevor Heale All About You Hypnotherapy, New Zealand

We have netted around (extra) $9000 since starting this in October.

It is great example of something being off my radar. I was programming for a big increase in my business. I knew nothing about you and your VGB. This is the most elegant piece of hypnosis that I have seen since Milton Erickson.

Bob Huttinga
Bob Huttinga The Healing Center, Lakeview, Michigan, USA

Again I'm amazed of the power of your program!

I'm seeing clients, who are feeling results. You are a amazing person and I want to thank you for the great training. This training was second, to none. I've experienced hypnosis training in the past, however yours was easy to understand and duplicate as well, very educational.

Darrin Johnson
Darrin Johnson Chicago, USA

Consistently great results

I have been seeing clients for VGB since Oct last year and must say I derive consistently great results.

I have a client who since January has lost 4stone 8lbs and on going to her GP surgery for an MOT the nurse was amazed to see her cholesterol test was down from 7.9 to 3.8 she was absolutely delighted and so was the doctor!

The "nurse" who took the readings is now a client of mine too - although she only needs to lose a stone she is doing really well and has reached her lowest weight for 10 years. She tells me stories of those who have had ACTUAL surgery & stories of those who lose a lot - only to put it all back on again by "overriding" their band!!!

I now have my first client coming from America (she's the sister of an existing client) but it proves the adage that if you do a great job - newstravels fast!

Gina Fee
Gina Fee Advanced Hypnotherapist, Hampshire, UK

10 x Last Year’s Turnover

Really good. I’ve done a lot of networking and been asked to host a women’s networking to do a talk. Been too busy to do the press, as I’ve been too busy with clients! Based on last year’s turnover, I would say I’m 10 x it. It’s been really lucrative.

Adel Rawlinson
Adel Rawlinson MindMasters, Manchester, UK

Extra income stream to our business and widened our customer base

We have just qualified as finalists for Queensland in the National Telstra Australia Business Awards so I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you for your Gastric Band training which I completed a couple of years back and the ongoing support I have had over the time. This process has added an extra income stream to our business and obviously widened our customer base. So thank you. I really appreciate your support. You give great content and make the system easy to follow.

Joslyn Gardiner
Joslyn Gardiner Life Architect, Speaker & Facilitator, Brisbane Area, Australia

Before we did the training with you we were contemplating a career change into another business... However the response has been phenomenal, and enabled us to continue with our passion of helping people through hypnotherapy.

We documented the results of our first 400 clients who signed up for The Virtual Gastric Band Program.

What we found was that of those 400 people, we had a drop out rate of 13%. In other words, of the 400 people who signed up for the program, 50 people dropped out at some stage and did not complete the four sessions that the program requires, even though some of those 50 people who dropped out were losing weight before they dropped out of the program.

Of the remaining 350 people who completed all four 4 sessions of the program, 345 people or 98.5% achieved a positive result.

The total combined weight loss at the completion of the program was an impressive 1,680 kilos, and the total number of centimetres lost was a remarkable 6,150 cm. That equates to an average weight loss of 4.79 kg per person and an average loss of 16cm per person, after just 3 weeks. Of course, these figures are just average figures. Some people lost more than the average and some people lost less than the average.

The Virtual Gastric Band Program has helped to grow our business.

Angelo & Susan Sette Sunbury, Victoria, Australia

Okay, Sheila, this does sound like a Great Opportunity...

So What’s the Investment?

My vision for this training as my latest big flagship programme, is to help our hypnotherapy community it to get our skillset into schools, colleges and universities as ‘standard practice’.  These organisations are already spending budgets on mindfulness, meditation and counselling, there is no reason that they cannot spend that money on hypnotic techniques that deliver better results, and I have proved that over the last few years.

As you can imagine, I’m not going to just give away the tried, tested, proven and credible system I’ve developed over the last few years, but I’m not going to make the barriers to entry difficult for you either.  Although this programme contains THOUSANDS OF POUNDS worth of value, I want to make it accessible to as many therapists as possible.

This is really important work to do in our communities, which is why, as one of the first ‘Educational Performance Practitioners’, I’m keeping the investment price really low at just £497 for the entire course including all your extra bonus support and done-for-you marketing materials.

This training will give you everything you need to set up in practice as a full-time educational performance specialist.  You could even base your entire business on this programme and enjoy a very emotionally and financially satisfying lifestyle.  I do hope you can see what a fantastic opportunity this very low-priced investment offers you to get started in such an exciting and rewarding market.

And I’m sure you’ll agree that attending the CERTIFIED ‘Educational Performance Practitioner’ training will be one of the BEST investments you can make in yourself and your business this year.

Follow the steps outlined in this programme and YOU WILL CREATE RESULTS IN YOUR PRACTICE TOO.

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Yes, I am really excited about helping school children & students, making a bigger difference and more money!

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Remember… I’ll be teaching EVERYTHING you need to know in terms of Educational Performance and therapy delivery in schools, colleges and universities... plus the all-important marketing training that many trainers simply ignore, so that you.

Just one client in this area, per year, is worth at least 20X your investment and I will be sharing exactly what does and does not work.  Don’t miss out on this unique, exciting new opportunity… make sure you secure your place today.

Keep Making a Difference x




P.S.  Your training starts TODAY, so be quick to secure your place so you can start securing your own school contracts too

P.P.S.  Don’t delay and miss out on this very emotionally and financially rewarding opportunity.  Sign up today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  But I’ve tried to get into schools before and they don’t have the budget/they’re just not interested. How can this work for me?

A.  I personally work in a very depressed area of the UK, and I have made this work for me beautifully.  Getting to organisations like schools and universities is difficult if you are selling “hypnotherapy”.  It needs another approach and it needs to be ‘pitched’ at the right person. The budgets are there for this type of work, and this programme is designed to show you exactly what to do to get in there.  Don’t let past experiences put you off, with the right approach coupled with positive action, there is no reason why you cannot achieve what I have in your local area too.

Q.  How do I know this will work for me in my local area?

A.  If you follow the programme and take the recommended action from the training, you will see results. For some of you, it make take a little time and persistence, as organisations can have longer lead times for their ‘buying decisions’ that regular clients, but the results are more than worthwhile.  You will be expected to take responsibility for your success and take action, but I will showing you exactly which steps you must take and give you all the support and guidance along the way.  The only difference between success and mediocre results is ACTION TAKING and COMMITMENT.

However, if you’re a hypnotherapist committed to making a difference to even more people doing what you love, and helping others and making more money and then THIS PROGRAMME IS FOR YOU

Q.  Do I have to be a hypnotherapist already?

A.  Yes. This programme is for hypnotherapist who want to develop another specialism in their practice.  It’s not for newbies as you’ll be expected to know the basics.

If you’re not a hypnotherapist yet, and would like to train before this particular, course, please do contact me ( for information about my Hypnotherapist Practitioner training. I would be delighted to hear from you.

Q.  What about the cost of advertising, websites etc?

A.   The beauty of working with organisations, such as schools is there absolutely no need to spend huge amounts of money on websites and advertising.  You don’t need a specialist website and you don’t need to spend money on media.... Getting into educational organisations is about contacts.  The only cost is your time and effort, and I will be showing you EXACTLY what to do to secure your educational clients, from making those all important connections, getting your initial foot in the door to signing up your first contacts and beyond.  You’ll need to take action, of course, but it doesn’t need to cost you any cash whatsoever to get started. Just a telephone, yourself and a great attitude.

Q.  What happens if I'm not available for the LIVE session, or I live abroad and the session are too late/early?

A.  No problem! We’ll be recording the whole thing and will send download links for the entire course soon after each session.  (We’ve also tried to make the times work for the majority of timezones, although I do appreciate it’s an early start for our Aussie friends!)

Q.  I’d love to do the course, but I just can't afford to do it? 

A.  Investing in this course is (conservatively) less than 20 x price of just one client. Can you really afford to turn this type of opportunity down?  I’ve priced the course very, very fairly considering this is a step-by-step training, with all the programme framework, protocols and scripts, marketing support and credible testimonials you’ll need to get started working with schools and other educational institutions.

Secure Your Place Today

And Get the Best Price & Bonuses Now

Yes, I am really excited about helping school children & students, making a bigger difference and more money!

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Pay in Full Today for the Best Price (& Bonuses)… with a one off payment of Just £497.

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